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An annually event of Brunei's National Boat Race championship was again hits Brunei territoty. A national tradition boat race was as before organised by the Brunei national boat race association and Youth and Sports Department, again no doubtd attracted teams of Sarawak and Sabah best rowers team.

Serasa Water Sports complex in Muara was the focal point for the participating 10 teams, competing in 8 events. Namely Royal Brunei Armed Forces Team, Awat-Awat Sarawak Team, Kota Kinabalu Sabah Team and Tarap Bau Team.

Two categories were entertained this year.

RBAF Team grabbed the first place in the Traditional 800 Meter Open for 30 Rowers and 800 Meter Local Boats for 20 Rowers.

Traditional Open Marathon for 30 Rowers was won by Awat-Awat Sarawak Team. They also secured the title in the 800 Meter Traditional Open for 15 Rowers.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah Team won 800 Meter Febra Boat for 20 Rowers and 800 Meter Febra Boat Open for 15 Rowers.

Shadowing the 25th SEA Games

Monday, November 9, 2009

The 25th episode of the South-East Asian Games is just around the corner. Laos will be hosting the 10-day games, which will kicks-off on the 9th December 2009 and Brunei will be participating in the events.

Brunei athletes route to the big Asian games, 13 chosen athletes were sent to participated in the 10-day Asian Indoor Games, hosted by the Qyan Ngua Sports Palace in Hanoi. Kicked off on 29th October 2009, the Sultanate contingents which remarks its first participations only took parts in 3 sports event, 9-balls single events, Wushu and Pencak Silat.

The contingents bagged 1 silver medal from pencak silat-sisters Norleyermah & Norleyharyanti Binte Haji Raya combined with Nurul Aimi Zainidi. While 6 more medals came from Wushu participants.

Also participating was HRH Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister's Office in the 9-ball singles event.

Favourite's, China finished the top table list with 48 gold, 25 silver and 19 bronze. Whilist, host Vietnam came second with 42 gold, 30 silver and 22 bronze. Kazakhstn were third with 21 gold, 16 silver and 21 bronze medals.

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