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Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) recently revealed the latest addidas soccer ball production and it was specially designed for the World Cup 2010, ‘Jabulani’.

What makes this 11th ball generations special is the South African concept in its design. In addition, the ball designed used the latest and precise designing technology which makes it the most accurate round shape soccer ball, said as the best in soccer ball making history.

Jabulani simply means ‘to celebrate’ in Zulu language. The ball comes with 11 different colours to represents 11 players for each football team and also to highlights 11 different language that are widely used in South Africa. The colourfull stripes also represents the heritage of African nations culture.

Furthermore, Jabulani was the 11th Adidas soccer ball production for the FIFA World Cup competitions since 1970.

The outcome from the ball testing prior its official announcement as world cup 2010 soccer ball, Jabulani was said to have an increased of 5% in its speed when kicked from a range of 20 meters. The test was taken at above 1000 meter above sea level and calculated with a maximum speed of 126km/hour. This test was taken due to most of the game venue were more than 1000 meters above sea level. At sea level, the maximum tested speed was 120km/hr.

Every production, adidas was recorded to produce a much faster ball leaving any goal keeper with no choice but to maximize their reaction speed. Most of the greatest footballer did amazed with the new soccer ball and can't wait to test it on the ground.

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