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Brunei With FIFA In 2013???

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How true is that Brunei Darussalam has been said suspended by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) from international competitions until June 2013. This topic was raised by one of the local newspaper yesterday dated 5th February 2010.

They also refer this matter from the Brunei DPMM FC official website. But it was said that when the team manager of DPMM FC Pg Hj Muhd Waslimin bin PSJ Pg Hj Abd Momin was contacted, they have no rigid answer and comments to the said matter yet.

This is one of the written conversations, “there is no black and white from the world governing body saying that Brunei Darussalam or DPMM FC is suspended from any international competitions until the said date,” Pengiran Haji Muhd Waslimin said. He said the team management is still awaiting verdict on until when the country or club is stopped from joining internationals. We hope that this matter will be solved very soon,” Pg Muhd Waslimin added.

The sultanate football was in shocked late last year after FIFA announced the suspension of The Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (BAFA) due to the government interference in its affairs.

It was started from a decision by the Brunei authorities to put down BAFA and replaced by FFBD since December two years ago.

The suspension put Brunei and its domestic football clubs to cancel any participation in international competitions, to include DPMM FC challanges in the S-League. The hope for the Brunei football to shine is only when BAFA is lifted and reinstated by the state government, otherwise domestic level is the only Brunei footballer showcase.

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