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Why men love football

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Football league or 'soccer' in the far west, has hits the world football fan within their regions. But some nations haven't started their league due to time adjustments - may be :)

Talking about football, just out of the blue, some thoughts come up - why on earth football match was played by 11 player for each team? And the game runs for 45 minutes in the first-half and another 45 minutes after break?

Asking the old folks and even some senior football gigs around my environment, none of them came up with very good excuses :)

After few days may be weeks, I found out that there is a logical answer to this, given by yet to be known a genius mate. "this is why football matches played for 45 minutes each game and only by 11 player per team at a time...

Each team of 11 players will by nature had "two balls" and for sure all times have it throughout the games. This makes the totals "balls" from each team to 44 "balls". Each game will played with one soccer ball.

Out of this, in total makes 45 minutes for the match.

Problem solves!!!. But, in some cases, there will be an added times for 2 minutes....that "balls" belong to the game referee!!

Can't get it, post your comments below.....Im sure there is someone out there able to explain much better than I did..

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