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A bit on Fencing....

Monday, December 8, 2008

The 9th Southeast Asian Fencing Federation Championships (SEAFF) which was held at the National Indoor Stadium in Berakas will project Brunei Darussalam ability in organising such events. The first time Brunei hosting such events was back in 2005 for the 7th SEAFF. The Championship was participated by Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The game started on 3rd December and will be ended on 12th December 08. The next big fencing games will be held at Laos during the Sea Games.

To history, Fencing was first introduced in the South East Asia Games at Jarkarta in 1987. Five countries which took part in the fencing event decided to form an association. By then, SEAFF was formed on 12th September 1987 in Jarkarta, Indonesia.
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  2. JUST SO AWESOME! those moments are the best till now :-)


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